Extrapolate is a decision support tool that asesses the impact of different policy measures. By disaggregating the effects of policy interventions the tool facilitates discussion of the relevant issues and enables users to visualise the predicted impacts of policy interventions, based on a simple numerical analysis.The tool helps decision makers to sift through a range of policy measures to identify those that could be applied in a specific situation to achieve particular outcomes that further specific policy objectives.

Extrapolate has been developed in close collaboration with policy makers in the livestck sectors of developing countries and thus adapted to meet their specific requirements. The software includes access to an online library of models that have already been developed, enabling users from different regions and disciplines to share knowledge and experiences. Some of these have been written-up more fully as working papers for the FAO Pro-poor Livestock Initiative (PPLPI).

You can also view the Extrapolate project profile for further information.