Use the links on this page to download the DRASTIC / Talking Pictures – Dairy software and user manuals.

Clicking on any of the links on this page indemnifies Stirling Thorne Associates against any loss or damages that you may incur from the use of DRASTIC / Talking – Pictures Dairy or any of the information contained in the supporting documents.

Download DRASTIC / TP-D. (3.5MB) Download and run this installation file in order to use DRASTIC / Talking Pictures – Dairy. Please e-mail [email protected] for the installation password.

DRASTIC / TP-D user manual. (0.4MB) Download the user manual in Adobe Acrobatâ„¢ (pdf) format.

DRASTIC / TP-D CD-ROM image. (16MB) Download an image of the contents of the DRASTIC / TP-D distribution CD-ROM (see readme.txt for instructions on creating the DRASTIC / TP-D CD-ROM).

If required, we can supply these resources and the DRASTIC / Talking Pictures – Dairy training materials on CD-ROM at a charge of US$30 to cover handling and shipping costs.