For users who require help to implement DRASTIC / Talking Pictures Dairy for their own situations, we can offer a number of training packages, both off-the-shelf, modular courses and tailor-made implementation programmes.

Training Course 1: A short two-day course that provides a basic introduction to the tools that form the DRASTIC / TP-D software package. This course is suitable for particpants who are likely to be confident in applying the tools themselves after a general introduction or as a prelude to a tailor-made implementation programme.

Training Course 2: A five day course that adds value to Course 1 by covering the steps required to implement a practical programme of field-level farmer-support using the DRASTIC / TP-D tools. At the end of this course, particpants should be in possession of all the skills and materials they require to implement support for dairy feeding practices in their command areas.

Training Course 3: A 10 day course that tackles the issues covered by Course 2 in more depth. In particular, approaches to outscaling the use of the tools (including training of farmers) and real-life examples of constraint identification and alleviation are addressed.

Tailor Made Training and Implementation Programmes. We can offer training packages that meet the specific requirements of a range of users. Examples of material that may require a tailor-made approach include:

  • Addressing specific needs for the incorporation of dairy decision support into an existing project or programme.
  • Including broader training in aspects of dairy production, processing and marketing
  • Development and implementation of specific add-ons to the existing suite of tools.

The cost of these programmes will depend on content and duration.