The Fodder Tree Management Toolbox for Nepal (FORMAT) packages the outputs of a number of research themes addressed by research organisations within the Nepalese national system and their UK partners. The main aim of developing this toolbox was to facilitate the dissemination of extension messages that are customised for local needs in a user-friendly way.

Some significant, innovative features of FORMAT are:

  • The core model on which extension messages are based runs on a combination of indigenous and biological criteria. As a result, it offers a unique opportunity to focus a scientific asessment of outcomes on the needs of farmers, defined in their own terms.
  • All paper-based outputs of the toolbox are generated in the local language for the widest possible access.
  • These outputs are also customiseable by the toolbox user so that they reflect only the needs of an opportunities open to specific groups of end-users.

You can also view the Format project profile for further information.