Analysis, Management and Decision Support for Farmers’ Feeding Strategies: Talking Pictures.

Development of a Practical Dairy Feed Rationing System Appropriate for Use in Developing Countries.

Development of an Information Toolbox for Small-scale Dairy Producers in Developing Countries.

Development of Feeding Strategies to Improve Reproductive Performance and Yields of Cows in High Potential, Mixed Farming Systems.

Development of Seasonal Nutrition and Resource Management Strategies for Smallholder Dairy Systems

Extrapolate. Development of an Ex ante Tool for Ranking Policy Alternatives

Integrating Indigenous and Biological Knowledge to Implement Improved Dry Season Feeding Strategies on Farms in the Hills of Nepal

Lao PDR – Participatory Livestock Development Project

Optimising Knowledge and Information Transfer: Disseminating Innovation in the Feeding of Dairy Cattle in India as a Poverty Reduction Entry Point.

PET Cereals

Review of Opportunities for Developing Integrated Models of Crop-livestock Interactions.

Review of the Outputs of the DfID Livestock Production Programme and an Assessment of their Potential for Generating Impact at the Household Level.

The Maize Crop as Food, Fodder and Fertiliser in Intensifying Crop-livestock Systems in East and southern Africa.