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Training Document 1: What is Talking Pictures?: Introduces the Talking Pictures concept and describes its use for planning dairy feed management. Its also summarises some of the benefits that we have observed during the field testing of TP-D.

Training Document 2: Frequently Asked Questions: Answers a number of questions that have arisen during the development and testing of the TP-D guides and software

Training Document 3: Design Notes for Producing Effective Guides: Summarises the steps that need to be undertaken in order to produce effective TP-D guides for use in the field

Training Document 4: Guide to Effective Picture Taking: Presents guidelines on taking pictures for use in Talking Pictures – Dairy guides and offers examples of good and bad pictures.

Training Document 5: Guide to using TP-D on Farms: Describes the procedures for the effective use, by farmers or extension officers, of TP-D hard copy guides for the evaluation of feeding and management in the field

If required, we can supply these training materials and the DRASTIC / TP-D software and manuals on CD-ROM at a charge of US$30 to cover handling and shipping costs.